Steve Lycett Confirms Reflection Sightings In ASR Aren’t Nightopians

UPDATE: Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital under his S0L nickname has confirmed the Nightopian sightings are just environment reflections. However Steve has seen how keen the community is to see NiGHTS in the game and still doesn’t confirm either way wether the character is in the game or not.

I feel slightly like I’m spoiling your fun here – but it’s purely the reflection of the environment you’re seeing there…

You guys really are rather desperate to see NiGHTS in there aren’t you!

Put it this way – that would have taken some quite extensive photo-shopping – and you’re also credting us with fair more deviousness than even I have!



Original story below:

Nightopians in ASR
Editor’s note: Those are not in-game gold rings…


I’ve just spotted another Nightopian in the above picture. It’s in the shiney wood finish in the red circle, turn your head to the left and you’ll see its head, eyes and large white collar. It would explain the sparkles in the screenshot too.

Eagle eyed SSMB member HunterTSF has spotted Nightopians in the above old screenshot of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Nightopians are small residents of Nightopia seen around various stages in the NiGHTS games. This isn’t confirmation but could very well mean our favourite jester NiGHTS could very well be in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing after all.

Let’s hope NiGHTS is the now possibly delayed special announcement Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett has been talking about recently.

Thanks again to HunterTSF and his eagle eyes!

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