Critic Metareview: Sonic Chronicles



  • IGN (6.5/10) lets everybody continue the Sonic community’s on-going trend of bias (ridiculous, by the way) against Sonic with their latest Sonic review.  “Sonic Chronicles isn’t a bad game overall, but it does suffer from a list of things that keep it from being a title we can recommend to just anyone. The character balancing is strong, the game is simply beautiful, and there’s more effort put into the front end and general flow of the game than most DS titles out there. On the gameplay front though, players will need to suffer through tedious point-to-point fetch quests with very little story to push the experience, and a battle system that gets too repetitive far too fast.”
  • (6.5/10) goes against their initial perception of the title by labeling Sonic Chronicles a completely average RPG: “If [Sonic Chronicles] wasn’t for the fact that it had Sonic characters in it, it wouldn’t stand out at all [against other RPGs]. The combat system is interesting but flawed, the gameplay is slow and rather tedious and the plot is as cookie-cutter as they come. There is very little attempt made to make the game feel anything like a Sonic title, and if it weren’t for the occasional loop, you could easily replace Sonic and friends with original characters without losing anything but name recognition.”
  • (8.0/10) makes note that Chronicles is not the greatest RPG out there, but is still a title worth your time and cash: “If you’re not a Sonic fan and instead are simply looking for a quality RPG, there’s better on the DS, but Chronicles still comes highly recommended. If you’re a Sonic fan Chronicles really is an essential purchase. It’s one of the best Sonic games we’ve played in ages (given the quality of some Sonic games in recent years this doesn’t come as a surprise) and, despite it not being as in-depth an RPG as we’d hoped, it’s really a lot of fun while it lasts.”

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