Sonic Frontiers 2021 Footage Pops Up Randomly in Video Leaked to Twitter

We have gotten our first look at early, never-before-seen Sonic Frontiers footage thanks to a video leaked to Twitter from a now-deleted account. The account, @AVtoGAMEnoYAMI, was focused on another game that appeared in the footage, but the Sonic Frontiers stuff is what we’re (mostly) interested in.

The footage shows off some interesting details, including a larger Kronos Island that appears to be linked to the Rhea and Ouranos islands, a different Caterpillar miniboss, and a Super Sonic with a way more showy transformation, complete with loads more yellow energy. The footage appears to be from an internal SEGA meeting from 2021, meaning it was never meant to be seen outside the company.

Given the nature of this footage, we won’t be posting it. We will be posting some screenshots from it, however, much like we did on Twitter, though these are of a somewhat high quality.

Below are screenshots from the Sonic portion of the video. Please excuse the quality, that’s baked in to the originally uploaded video:

The other two games shown in the video were what appears to be a Persona 3 remake, as well as the oft-rumored new Jet Grind Radio, which may be SEGA’s fabled super game.

It’s pretty interesting seeing footage from earlier in Sonic Frontiers’ development. Hopefully, SEGA will allow us to see more from earlier phase’s of the game’s development, in a legit (and higher quality) way.

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