The Sonic Show victim of hacking failure.

Today it was noticed that our youtube account had been hacked into. Nothing much had changed, they altered the title of the profile and reset the channels skin. I quickly changed my password and restored these alterations. However approx 15 minutes laters, they had deleted my whole account. This account is 5 years old, and contains videos dating back to the beginning. At this moment in time they are all gone. While I do have a lot of them backed up, some are not. If the account cannot be restored then episodes like our Summer Of Sonic special will not be able to be reuploaded due to time limitation now placed on accounts after ours was created.

This is a huge blow for The Sonic Show, as someone has basically deleted our history, our existence.


We have emailed youtube requesting for account restoration thought youtube state that they will not restore the videos or comments. We now play the waiting game.

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