TSSZ In Hot Water Over Community ‘Non-News’

Now this is news. TSSZ has come under fire from many members of the Sonic online community for misrepresenting and not fact-checking community stories. The website, run by Tristan Oliver, was quite popular in 2004, but went on hiatus in 2005 – since its return this year, Tristan has had much criticism thrown his way for being ‘out of touch’ with his peers.

While the regular, ‘safe’ articles generally get a good reception from readers, fellow members of the Sonic community have been at loggerheads with Tristan since TSSZ’s return – a trend which all began when the website misunderstood The Sonic Stadium’s new approach in design and editorial during the initial reaction to Sonic and the Black Knight.

Perhaps the thing most public about the controversy surrounding TSSZ is the seemingly never-ending feud between Tristan and TSS’ own badass Slingerland. Feathers were ruffled when a news story was written involving Sonic Fan Games HQ (and by extension, Slingerland, in enforcing the rules there) and their irritation towards a non-English speaking member on their forum. Many wondered whether it was news-worthy at all, and the tone of the piece seemed to suggest a veiled attack on Slingerland. Tristan has denied such allegations, saying he wishes to report on the ‘good, bad and ugly’ side of the community. Continue reading TSSZ In Hot Water Over Community ‘Non-News’

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