Sonic the Hedgehog Official ESP Guitar Available For Pre-Order

Any self-respecting guitar enthusiast and Sonic the hedgehog fan will have at some point drooled over the prospect of playing Jun Senoue’s trademark STH-130 ESP custom Sonic guitar. Some of you have been lucky enough to hold it!

Well, now you can have your very own!  As hinted by Senoue-san himself in recent months via his twitter account, ESP guitars will be producing a replica of this guitar available for purchase via ESP Japan. Much like the original, these replicas will all be high-end performance guitars made from top-of-the-line components, and would be the crowning jewel in any avid guitarist’s collection.

However, with a top-line guitar comes a top line cost – the instrument will be commanding a price of ¥136,500, which is the equivalent to around £1100 or $1750. If you’re planning on saving for one of these beasts, you’d also better get your skates on as they will only be available for pre-order until December this year.

Even so, top collectors and die-hard Senoue fans will be scrambling to get their hands on one of these beauties…now you can look the part as well as sound it!

Now I wonder if there is any chance to get one in left-handed…

Link to ESP Sonic the Hedgehog Guitar page

[EDIT: For those who this interests (particularly me!) a left handed version will be available! Joy!

If you are interested in ordering a guitar, get in touch with your local ESP dealer – T]

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