Empire City & Adabat Adventure Pack Hits Xbox Live


SEGA have today released the Empire City & Adabat Adventure Pack on Xbox Live Marketplace. Like the Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack this is a double pack for the same 250 MS Points consisting of 5 daytime stages and 4 nighttime stages. The description for the pack reveals that this new pack is the final downloadable pack.

Download all-new Empire City & Adabat adventures! For the final downloadable pack, play five daytime & four nighttime stages that range from a high-rise metropolis to an exotic jungle strewn with ancient ruins.

The Japanese Playstation Store has oddly not received this new pack today but we’ll be checking the European and U.S. Playstation Store’s when they update later today and let you know if we see any new Sonic Unleashed downloadable content there.

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