Sonic Origins Plus New Content Will Be On Download Code

Those of you who like all your gaming bits and bytes on a physical medium may be in for a little disappointment with the upcoming Sonic Origins Plus release this month. According to information on the game’s box, the additional ‘Plus’ content – playable Amy Rose, Knuckles in Sonic CD the Game Gear titles and more – will only be served to players in the form of a downloadable code.

The information came from eagle-eyed Sonic fan SnazzySonic, who saw a bunch of promotional Sonic Origins Plus boxes on his local GameStop store shelf. “I almost had a heart attack when I thought my GameStop was selling Sonic Origins Plus early,” Snazzy said. But for other fans, the heart attack would be had after looking at the back of the box.

Image credit: Snazzy on Twitter

As you can see on the blurb there, the physical edition of Sonic Origins Plus comes complete with all of the bonus content DLC originally released for the base game last year (which actually IS present on the disc/cartridge), as well as the new playable characters and Game Gear titles. But there is a line underneath the Plus-specific content that reads, “Downloadable via included code.”

For many, this won’t be too much of a problem, but there are plenty of people out there that are passionate about game preservation who will feel that the lack of the additional content on disc risks Amy, Knuckles in CD and the GG games being lost media in the far future. You might even wonder why there’s a physical edition in the first place if you’re not getting all of the content on the media. So you can see why this is a bit of an issue.

Image credit: Snazzy on Twitter

Still, at least the GameStop had a rad looking Sonic Origins Plus poster to show off at least. So you know, the day wasn’t a total loss, right?

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