A Weird Line of Sonic Prime-Branded Toys Are Hitting Turkish Toy Sites

As a longtime, adult Sonic fan, I am often jealous of the toys kids get these days. Why couldn’t we get the anthropomorphized Sonic truck hauling a chest full of giant medical supplies?! Or the rideable Sonic car?! Or the Sonic-branded Sonic tool set in a rolling suitcase…?

Wait what?

Right, okay, enough with my schtick. So these things exist:

These appear to be part of a line of officially licensed Sonic Prime toys, though the use of the license doesn’t seem to extend much beyond “slap Sonic Prime renders on various otherwise unrelated kids toys.” The toys are manufactured by Dede, a Turkish toy company, and as such are currently only available on Turkish websites. The site with the widest selection is Dede’s own online store, Fen Toys.

Now, you may be looking at these and thinking, “wait, did they just take some generic toy truck and slap Sonic’s eyes on it?” and…yes! Yes they did! All of these toys are essentially just variations of existing non-licensed toys, with the Sonic medical tools truck being based on this Medical Set Truck toy. Looking around the website, that’s true for all of these, and they’ve also done this for other licensed characters like Spider-man and Mickey Mouse. Nevertheless, this is Sonic merch, and most importantly weird Sonic merch, so we are obliged to cover it.

So here’s a gallery of every single Sonic toy Dede is selling:

Yeah, I am pretty jealous of the Sonic toys today’s kids get. But I also feel kind of bad for Sonic merch collectors, because there’s more of it then ever, and anyone who wants a truly complete collection needs to buy rebranded stuff like this.

Nevertheless, if anyone has ever wanted a Sonic branded set of medical tools in a little plastic rolling suitcase…it is a good time to be alive.

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