Sonic Dash Adds Pirates and Yogurt For Sonic’s Birthday

In a very weird month for the Sonic Dash series, data mining has revealed the latest version update includes event assets for pirate versions of Sonic and Shadow, as well as Bongo, the Danimals mascot.

Following up on last week’s out-of-nowhere addition of Vector to Sonic Dash 2, Sonic Dash Apple and Android updated to version 4.2.0 yesterday, promising two events for Sonic’s birthday month:

Version History
May 10, 2021
Ahoy! We have a double surprise lined up for a very special birthday this year! Keep a look out for our upcoming swashbuckling event!

Sonic Dash, Apple Store

But, as we all know, if the data is in there, data miners will find it, and we quickly got confirmation of two events included:

Sonic Dash has had some unusual promotional character choices throughout its long, long life, including the likes of Pac-Man, Hello Kitty, the Angry Birds, Longclaw, Teen Sonic, Baby Sonic, and Tangle & Whisper. However, I’m comfortable saying that that Bongo’s haunting stare may the least predictable and most visually startling guest character, even more than Andronic.

Look out for these events being officially added to Sonic Dash soon.

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