ASRT DLC: Simon From Yogscast Joins the Roster & Humble Bundle Detailed.

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A few days ago, Sumo Digitals Steve Lycett hinted that the next piece of ASRT DLC would be controversial, PC exclusive and ‘a popcorn moment.’ Many have since speculated what this might mean, theories have ranged from ASRT being Free To Play, to certain very popular characters being included in the game (excluding the console versions) and even 1970’s Trousers Mode… what it could happen.

Well… we might have found the answer.

During the livestream of the very popular PC gaming channel “Yogscast,”Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed will be included in a new Humble Bundle for charity. However the reveal didn’t end there. Simon from the Yogscast then went on to state that he himself would become a racer in ASRT and be part of a piee of charity DLC that would all go live on December 6th.

They didn’t reveal much, only that both the bundle and the DLC would be up on December 6th 2013, and that Simon would be a piece of ‘Charity DLC.’ We’re not sure at this time if Simon is the only playable character being added or if there will be others.

Now before people ‘react’ just keep in mind that this is blatently a charity thing so nobody has had a spot taken away. Furthermore, S0L has hinted additional content is on the way and that this is likely the first of a few pieces of additional content for ASRT.

Also think about it. ASRT on the PC, pay what you want? This is a heck of a deal!

Source: HumbleBundle (Bundle not yet active at time of posting).

Yogscast livestream.

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