Project Needlemouse Challenge #3 NOW LIVE

Third Project Needlemouse Challenge is now LIVE at the Official Sonic board over at SEGA forums.

From RubyEclipse of SEGA of America at the forum –

Hi everyone,

For those of you new around here, welcome to the SEGA/Sonic forums! Today’s part of the Needlemouse Challenge will be taking place here – to enter, just post on this thread with the correct responses!

Here are today’s questions:

How many acts were in each zone of Sonic 1?
What was the first game to feature Super Sonic?
The original Sonic the Hedgehog featured special stages with morphing backgrounds – can you name two of the animals seen in that background?

You guys have 20 hours to achieve the 750 needed to knock off additional characters from the roster tomorrow, or 1,000 for the bonus point!

Good luck everyone!

SEGA of America blog reveals Vector and Tikal are todays cuts from the character list.
With over 900 correct answers to yesterdays challenge the bonus point was achieved, just one more this week and we get the special surprise on Friday aswell as the full list of characters appearing in the game.

RubyEclipse has noted the following –
The bonus points count towards a little something special related to Project Needlemouse that we’ll reveal if you guys earn enough.

The bonus point reward is not related to characters, and though I don’t want to hype it up too much for sake of people complaining, I think it’s pretty cool personally.

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