The Babylon Rogues Make A Comeback in IDW Sonic 65

​Solicitations for the next issue of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog have come flying out the gate, and those who miss the racing action of Sonic Riders will be pleased to know that the Babylon Rogues are back in a new story.

You can check out the synopsis below from from Penguin Random House. The issue is written by Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley, and will be illustrated by Mauro Fonseca and Adam Bryce Thomas.

The misadventures continue! It’s Knuckles vs. the Babylon Rogues! They have stolen a relic from Angel Island, so Knuckles enlists the Chaotix to track them down. But the Chaotix have a super important date to keep: dinner with Vanilla and Cream! The pair are busy preparing when they get two very unexpected and stinky visitors…

But somehow there is alternative preview text that exists, which outline some new details (revealing Rough and Tumble, for example), which has been provided to us by Sonictrainer:

The Babylon Rouges have stolen a relic from Angel Island and Knuckles has hired Team Chaotix to help. However, the Chaotix might miss their get together at Cream’s house. To make matters worse, Rough and Tumble plan on inviting themselves over for dinner.

Check out the covers below!​

Cover A: Natalie Haines

Cover B: Eric Lide

Cover RI: Nathalie Fourdraine

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