RUMOR: Sonic 2 Happy Meal Toys Coming Soon?

It’s been almost two decades since Sonic and friends have been part of a McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion, but it looks like Sonic will be returning to the Golden Arches very soon. Yesterday, several images hit Twitter showing three (out of six) Sonic 2 Happy Meal toys. Tails, Knuckles, and a yet unknown Eggman robot. The images were quickly taken down due to a copyright claim.

Now, McDonald’s just started a Stitch Happy Meal promotion, so if this is true, don’t expect to see the toys for a few weeks, and it may depend on what country you are in. While we’re putting this under rumor, the images being taken down quickly due to a copyright strike would suggest that they could be the real deal.

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  1. I loved the lcd games with the Sonic Heroes art, but always wanted simple figures of the 12 main characters at the time.

    I wonder if they’ll do that Detective Pikachu move, where the toys look like their typical designs and not the boring movie versions.

    1. Yuji Naka tweeted their designs, but then there was a copyright strike.

      Luckily, they do use the movie designs, and their concepts resemble the old Sonic 3 McDonaldโ€™s promotion. (For example, Tails is flying, and the toyโ€™s base is a cloud).

  2. The Me of 20 years ago would already be in his car heading to McDonalds despite the toys not being out

    I’ve seen so much Sonic stuff lately that I would’ve freaked out about back then

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