Jakks Pacific Shows Off its Upcoming Sonic 2 Movie Toys

Jakks Pacific has unveiled its upcoming line of Sonic 2 movie toys on social media. Ever wanted to own a toy of the Tornado, or Jim Carrey Robnotnik? Well now you can!

The line-up includes plushies, action figures, the aforementioned Tornado biplane, and Sonic on some sort of skateboard type thing, complete with a giant ring. All of the action figures include some sort of accessory as well. Sonic and Knuckles both have snowboards, while Dr. Robotnik has one of his egg robots and a…coffee cup. Tails, most interestingly, appears to have some sort of gun. Check out the toys below:

These toys will launch in the spring, likely around the same time as the movie’s release on April 8. What are your thoughts on these toys? Tell us in the comments below!

Credit to Josiahblaze for sending this into our Discord newstips!

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  1. Haven’t had an actual Tails plane since the Boom line, so that alone is exciting. Happy to have an actual toy line for the movie this time around.

    1. They didn’t release toys, because secretly they thought the move would have mediocre sales or bomb all together…

      Now that it’s a success, expect a flood of merchandise, and hopefully not quick whip-it-out junk!

      1. The redesign also probably was a factor. There were action figures of movie Sonic and baby sonic listed when the original design leaked from the style guide. There were probably plans for movie figures initially but after the redesign there wasn’t enough time to redo them

  2. Finally, a Tornado toy

    Havent bought Sonic merch in years, but sign me up for one of those

  3. Sonic movie 2 oyuncakları Türkiye ye ne zaman gelecek? Ya da nereden bulabiliriz? Özellikle Sonic, tail, egg man, nackles ın olduğu set. Bigi veririseniz seviniriz. Dört gözle bekliyoruz:)

    1. Sorry, at this time, the only regions we have confirmation for are the U.S., the U.K. (with exclusive non-plastic toys), and just now, Indonesia. You’ll have to check locally if your region will over them.

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