Want to Enhance Your LEGO Eggman? Toastergrl Has Some Alternate Instructions

She has the master plan.

The LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set is pretty great, but a sticking point remains the redesigned Dr. Eggman figure, whose weirdly placed nose and mustache just don’t quite complete the mad scientist’s iconic look. The Ideas pitch’s original creator, Viv Grannell, known online as Toastergrl, has released some free (unofficial) alternate build ideas for the figure over on Rebrickable if you want to change up his look and articulation.

The modifications will give Dr. Eggman new points of articulation in his shoulders (he can move them forward and back, instead of just up and down), and it helps resolve the whole… nose issue. However, if you want to make these modifications, it has two downsides. First, the build is less stable than the retail version (LEGO has stability standards, and this is likely why this design wasn’t the retail build). And second, you’ll need to dip into your own LEGO collection for the needed parts, or order them on a LEGO resale site such as Bricklink. You can find the appropriate pieces using the links below.

In addition to the parts in the LEGO Ideas Sonic set, you’ll also need:

  • Articulated arms w/ modified nose
    • 3024 – Plate 1 x 1 (qty. 1, coral)
    • 78258 – Bar 2L with stop ring (qty. 2, any color)
    • 35480 – 1 x 2 with 2 open studs (qty. 2, red)
    • 48729b – Bar 1L with clip mechanical claw (qty. 2, red)
    • 85861 – Round 1 x 1 with open stud (qty. 2 red, qty. 1 any color)
  • Bushy Mustache
    • 29119 – 2 x 1 x 2/3 with stud notch right (qty. 1, reddish brown)
    • 29120 – 2 x 1 x 2/3 with stud notch left (qty. 1, reddish brown)

Grannell is also promising a few other modification ideas for the level and badnik portions of the set later this month:

Source: The Brick Fan

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