Sonic Official Announces “Project Sonic ’22” Promotional Messaging

Seems like we have this sort of thing every year from the Japanese Sonic marketing team, but today we have a new promotional messaging design announced by the official JP Sonic channel. Get ready for ‘Project Sonic ’22’!

Project Sonic ’22 Branding Logo

Congratulations if you recognise the artwork – it’s a throwback to the original ‘Project Sonic’ branding that Sonic Team used in Japan during the SEGA Saturn generation (used to promote things like Sonic Jam and Sonic R). Only using Modern Sonic silhouette and adding the year 2022, obviously.

Original Project Sonic Branding Logo from 1997

It’s probably a good time to do this as well, because this year is going to be absolutely stacked with Sonic media and content, as Sonic’s 30th Anniversary unofficially spills over to 2022 (most likely due to delays suffered by the ongoing COVID pandemic). We have the Sonic Prime TV series hitting Netflix soon, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel arriving in theatres, the Sonic Origins compilation pack and a brand new game in Sonic Frontiers. So there’s plenty to be excited about.

What do you think of the Project Sonic ’22 branding? Love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts!

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    1. They would struggle to release yet another game this year. We’ve already got the rebuild of five classic Sonic games (three of which have been rebuilt previously, but two of which have not), and the big open world project that has got to be taking up ALL the resources.

    2. That logo throwback is super slick. Looking forward to this year’s new Sonic content from SEGA!

  1. I want to believe that the lack of Sonic stuff in 2020 was down to COVID and not because Sega actually had an underwhelming amount of Sonic stuff to show off and were just playing it up like they were going hard.

    1. Well, as we know, Sonic Frontiers was meant to be announced a WHILE back but was delayed for quality purposes. So they probably had quite a bit they could’ve shown off, but thankfully they chose to hold off and polish the game.

  2. I fundamentally do not understand what this is an announcement of. Is it just unveiling a logo? Is this going to be printed on t-shirts or posters or something?

    1. It’s just marketing. Marketing revealing upcoming marketing. Sonic is a brand, and Sonic’s twitter is a brand twitter, so most times they don’t really have anything tangible to announce. But when they have even the smallest announcement that doesn’t actually matter on a practical level, they announce it.

  3. While I do prefer if they were honest and just said that the 30th anniversary would continue into 2022. This is still a neat logo regardless

  4. I bet Sonic Origins got trademarked in Japan last year by SEGA, so there might be more news on this in due course soon because of Project Sonic 22.

  5. So I know this is just marketing for all the Sonic media coming out this year… but for some reason this gives me hope for Sonic Mania 2. Going to a busy year for Sonic regardless!

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