Streaming Schedule for Week of Dec. 6

Including a co-stream of The Game Awards!

Hey, all, we’ve got a packed streaming schedule for this week! With the Game Awards looming, the Sonic Stadium streaming team has their news hats on, their opinion pants hiked up, and their elaborate and extremely invasive streaming harness bolted into the ceiling. Or maybe that’s just me.

Check out these and all our streams over at!

Thur. Dec. 9
2:30 PM PST 5:30 PM EST 10:30 PM GMT

Winter Wonderworld
We’re playing Balan Wonderworld to completion.
These children are sad, and so are we.

Thur. Dec. 9
4:30 PM PST 7:30 PM EST 12:30 AM GMT (Fri)

The Game Awards Co-Stream
Okay, Keighley, you’ve teased us on Twitter.
We’ll watch your award thingy.

Fri. Dec. 10

Sonic Talk Emergency Trailer Podcast
The Sonic 2 and next Sonic game trailers are confirmed for TGA! Nuckles, Shigs, and GX give their reactions to the news!

Fri. Dec. 10
4 PM PST 7 PM EST 12 AM GMT (Sat)

SegaSonic Radio
Sonic Stadium’s weekly Sonic music show!
Love Sonic music? Love SegaSonic Radio!

Sun. Dec. 12
4 PM PST 7 PM EST 12 AM GMT (Sat)

Almost Every Sonic – Sonic Mania Plus
GX attempts (and fails) to play every official Sonic game, no matter how obscure.

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A podcaster since 2008, GX originally founded The Spindash podcast, until joining Sonic Stadium's monthly Sonic Talk. He currently co-hosts the show and runs weekly streams on Stadium's Twitch channel at


  1. In “Almost every Sonic”, will you play all the Sonic Café games?!…
    I’d like to see longplays of SONIC JUMP and SONIC JUMP 2 (to see all the differences between the two games), SONIC HOPPING 2 (said to have a little scenario this time) and SONIC TIMING OF THE TRAIN / SONIC’S TIME KIMIT TRAIN /SONIC NO JIGEN RESSHA (I can’t find any longplay videos of these games on Youtube)…

    1. I hope to. A lot of it comes down to whether or not I can find the means to do so. I think Jump 1 and 2 are still sort of out and about, but it’ll probably be more difficult to find and run stuff like “Sonic’s 7 Narabe” or “Tails no Flying Get,” and some are practically impossible now due to the nature of the game and/or platform, like the Sonic crossover event in mobile Pac-Man, or the Sonic DLC for now-delisted Taiko no Tatsujin Plus on iOS.

      Though be aware, I have a looooooong list of games (378 according to my spreadsheet), so don’t hold out for a specific one happening at any particular time.

  2. OK, I’ll follow your videos then!!…
    In fact, as a huge SONIC fan, I’m very interested by all SONIC CAFé games with a storyline, even if it is a very small one!!…
    And there were such unusual and great games like for instance SHADOW SHOOT!!…
    Do you know if TAILS NO FLYING GET has a scenario?!…

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