Sonic Sessions, An Official Remix Project, Kicks Off With City Escape

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Today, the official Sonic YouTube Channel posted the first in a brand new series called “Sonic Sessions”:

Introducing Sonic Sessions! A new set of remixes of some of your favorite Sonic tracks that we will be sharing with you over the coming months!

Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Channel

The first of these remixes, “Escape From the City – Funk RMX,” comes from music streamer Dean DiMarzo, S.A.M.E. and Lyn (the latter two of which are way harder to Google; I’m sure the comments will school me on who they are), and uses the (slightly) extended version of the lyrics as featured in Sonic Generations.

Although the Sonic YouTube has shared exclusive remixes before, this is the first time SEGA has organized them under a special title or series. We’ll be keeping an eye out for future Sessions remixes!

Thanks to tailsBOOM! for the news tip!

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  1. Lyn is the vocalist for Persona 5 (which is a Sega made franchise so this makes sense). Honestly I won’t be surprised if she becomes a vocalist for Sega as a whole maybe working with Crush 40 on a remix later down the line. Who knows?

  2. You don’t know what “S.A.M.E.” is? I thought it was the Sonic Adventure Music Experience.

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