Shirt Alert! Pumpkin Hill & Reach the Palace at ShirtPunch!

Today in Shirt Alert, a Knuckles double-feature!

Welcome back to Shirt Alert, the daily shirt series where we know that it’s here, we can sense it in our feet.

We all know just how sexy Knuckles is, but if you need to give your friends and family a stern reminder, ShirtPunch! has two designs spanning the breadth of his career as treasure hunting guardian monotreme.

Pumpkin Hill lives up to its name, as the ever diligent Knuckles passes sacred ground where pumpkins go to die and ghosts just want a little cuddle time.

Meannwhile, Reach the Palace takes us to the depths of Lava Reef Act 2, where Knuckles stays just ahead of Sonic in order to challenge him in Hidden Palace, because in his path in Sonic & Knuckles, he doesn’t pass through Lava Reef’s Death Egg launch platform so it only makes logical sense if– but I digress.

They’re both slick designs from Gazo1a, who has a number of other really cool Sonic designs on ShirtPunch!

ShirtPunch! offers the design as unisex, fitted, and premium t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, posters, magnets, and stickers, with the basic unisex tee ranging from $13 to $18.

ShirtPunch! designs are only guaranteed to stick around for two days, so get them while you can!

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  1. Hmm I don’t remember Knuckles’ version of Lava Reef Zone having Death Egg in the background… ;P

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