After 13 Years, Sonic Chronicles’ Intro Animation Released to the Public

Did you know BioWare’s DS Sonic RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, was originally meant to have an intro animation? I sure didn’t! Well, it did, and that intro animation has now been released by video game animation expert and author Jonathan Cooper. Check it out in his tweet below:

According to Cooper, SEGA cut the animation from the final release, leading to the compilation of game play footage for intro used in the final game. Cooper’s account has some other footage related to Sonic Chronicles, including pencil tests of the intro and in-game animation. We’ve got tweets containing those videos below:

Thanks goes to Discord user visionaryofSuper, who let us know about this!

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  1. Really smooth but I can see why they cut it, it’s just Sonic & Eggman on a game that features a huge cast of characters, or maybe they saw Eggman without his perfectly white set of teeth and thought it looked gross. Yeah, probably the latter.

    This game always gives me the impression that it would be this high budget title, where if the gameplay fails it will outshine in everything else, but instead I can’t think of anything good about this game besides the fact that they bothered to include more playable characters than Sonic.

  2. I’m so sad the game was removed from the canon!!…
    I would have hoped to play SONIC CHRONICLES 2and see the Noctunrus army appear in a DYNASTY WARRIOR : SONIC THE HEDGEHOG game!!…
    Echidna civilizations are so fascinating!!…

      1. I have been assured by some very enthusiastic fans that there is. I have not seen significant evidence of this though.

        1. I guess Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog are loosely related, but only because Sonic Heroes needed an excuse to bring Shadow back.

  3. Aside off-model looking Eggman there that you could see in Archie Comics from early 2000s, the animation itself is quite smooth. I can see why they rejected prior the release.

  4. I can kinda see why they cut the intro. Its not all that impressive imo, especially since it only features Sonic and Eggman when it should feature the other characters as well as some hints of the story.

  5. I love this so much, the animation is gorgeous. Shame it was cut since clearly a lot of time was put into it.
    The teeth bit would’ve just needed to be re-drawn and wouldn’t have taken to long to do.

  6. A sequel could’ve improved on everything that was wrong with the first..

    It blows my mind it was 2008.. I remember the day I picked it up from Gamestop

  7. I also would have loved to play a complete game. Sonic chronicles has great potential just like sonic shuffle. One more thing, why did sonic x didn’t include sonic shuffle and the tv series, if anybody knows please tell me.

    1. Because Sonic Shuffle is a weird spin-off party game that is mostly remembered for its frequent loading screens and cheating AI, and while it has a story in a broad sense, it doesn’t have a significant enough story that a children’s anime is really equipped to tell without a lot of drastic reinterpretation? Honestly, the fact that Sonic Battle got an arc that has precious little to do with the actual events of Sonic Battle is pretty weird.

      I suppose it’s just the anime rule of “When in doubt, do the fighting tournament arc.”

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