Hatsune Miku Mobile Pre-Registration Promo Includes Sonic Shirt

…and half a set of overalls.

SEGA has put out quite a few Hatsune Miku games, but a select few have delved into the realm of donning Microsoft Sam’s anime sister in blue spikes. To promote pre-registration for the upcoming Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!, SEGA is offering tiers of rewards depending on the number of pre-registers, including a “Sonic Style” costume if it hits 300k. SEGA helpfully notes that, “Number of pre-registrations are calculated by adding the number of followers on HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! official social channels and the number of pre-registration/pre-order on Android and iOS platforms.”

At time of writing, the game has achieved its registration goals up to 200k, unlocking in-game “crystals” and a “virtual singer Sekai” costume set. The game releases December 7 on iOS and Google Play.

This game’s “Sonic Style” is a departure from Miku’s “Sonic Style” outfits in previous games. Colorful Stage’s Sonic style sets Miku in a sleeveless Sonic tee, while previous Sonic costumes have been….

Though let’s just acknowledge that I wrote this so that I could post a GIF of a computer girl dabbing.

Thanks to Dodger24848 for the news tip!

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