Datamine Suggests Infinite and ‘Christmas Silver’ heading to Sonic Forces Mobile

Sonic Forces lead antagonist, Infinite, looks set to finally feature in the mobile version of his own game. A community datamine of SEGA HARDlight’s Sonic Forces: Speed Battle suggests that the masked villain will be included as a playable character, some four years after the release of the 2017 console platformer.

The information, reportedly gathered by Russian Sonic community SAAC_RUS, reveals an art render for Infinite as well as a polygonal model of the character for use in the game. A second art render of Silver donning a Nutcracker-esque Christmas themed outfit was also shared, which hints at what HARDlight might be planning for the festive period.

Prominent dataminer Bluwolfboy shared the art render of Infinite recently too, adding weight to the character’s imminent arrival. But, until SEGA HARDlight announces it fully, we’ll take everything with a pinch of salt here.


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    1. Not yet (like Charmy, Omega, Espio, Tangle, Whisper, Chaos, Eggman, Tikal, Zeena, Super Sonic, Excalibur-Sonic, the Werehog, Baby Sonic, Teen Sonic and Longclaw) but be sure he will have one (at least) one day or another : it could Ali Baba, the Blacksmith or a brand new dopplegänger!!…
      (Or maybe a new version of his roboticized self from LOST WORLD!!…)

  1. Stwórzcie oryginalnego super shadowa oraz super silver w najnowszej grze Sonic forces 2, taki pomysł od widzów i fanów sonica.

    1. Its not 100 percent accurate I think but I used Google Translate to understand what Filip Nowak wrote in Polish here.

      “Create an original super shadow and super silver in the newest game Sonic forces 2, an idea from viewers and sonic fans.”

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