Ian Flynn Consulting on Sonic Prime

We’ve known for a little while that Sonic comics scribe Ian Flynn has at least been informed about Sonic Prime’s production since before it was publicly announced. We now have a better idea as to the extent of his involvement in the show’s production, thanks to a tweet by Man of Action writer and artist Duncan Rouleau.

He confirmed that Flynn has been consulting on the project and “has been invaluable.” This confirms that, at the very least, Man of Action is actively seeking input from creators who have experience with the franchise. Here’s hoping that bodes well for Sonic Prime’s quality!

Sonic Prime is being produced by Man of Action and Wildbrain, and is expected to hit Netflix sometime next year. Thanks goes to Alex Hedgefox over on our Discord server for the news tip!

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    1. I wouldn’t interpret this as that the cartoon will be based on any existing Sonic Comic. All we know is that Flynn is providing some sort of consulting on it. No more beyond that.

  1. Still dont get good vibes about this show personally. I feel the the idea of it being CG is going to let it down. i felt like it should have been a 2D animated series.

    Also Just cause Ian is involved doesn’t automatically mean its going to be good. his writing has always been 50/50 with his stories having great build ups to then disappointing conclusions that went no where making the story pretty much feel pointless. Sometimes it can be very on the nose too.

    1. Keep in mind, he’s only consulting. And considering what he’s good at, which is knowing an obscene amount about the franchise and its weird corners, I’m imagining at least some of that is what he’s helping with.
      Though that said, I’d give Man of Action maybe a 50/50 themselves, so I also have writing concerns, but just not with whatever Flynn’s involvement is.

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