iam8bit Announces Sonic Colors: Ultimate Vinyl Soundtrack

UPDATES: Limited edition is sold out, but UK now has an exclusive version.

iam8bit, the publisher behind vinyl game soundtracks, physical versions of indie games, and other high-end game collectables has announced a 2-vinyl soundtrack of the Sonic Colors Ultimate remix tracks.

The 2-LP set comes in either a limited rainbow paint-splatter design, or one of four wisp-themed solid color combinations. The splatter design will be limited to 500 units for $44.99, and ships Q4 of 2021. The solid designs will sell at $39.99, and ship Q2 of 2022.

UPDATE: The Splatter design is now sold out. The solid color design remains available.

You can pre-order either set on iam8bit’s online store. At time of writing, overwhelming demand has made the site a little bit shaky.

Update: UK online retailer Zavvi will be getting an exclusive “Gold Ring” edition, and is currently available for pre-order at £39.99.

The track list includes the iconic Act 1 and Act 2 remixes for each stage, as well as Act 3 from Planet Wisp, the boss battle remixes, the remixed opening and ending vocal themes, and the original version of the game’s main theme. It will not include all of the game’s new tracks, such as Rival Rush music or many Act 3 songs.

For those just looking to get the music, Wave Master will be publishing the official CD soundtrack in Japan on Sept. 29. International and digital distribution plans has not been announced yet.

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  1. The vinyl cover doesn’t represent the remastered game accurately, it needs more glitchy aesthetics, insane amount of bloom, increasing black holes and Sonic looking eagle-like alien.

    1. Yeah, I’m getting fed up of designs being far too simple, like a lot of modern logos nowadays. No creativity in my opinion. And unfortunately this cover has taken that same approach.

  2. Take the sonic stadium logo for instance, it’s really nice! Has nice colours, gradients, shapes. Doesn’t just say TSS. LOL!

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