GE Entertainment Lists New Plush and Teases More

Whisper, Emerl, and Mephiles to make their merch debut soon!

Great Eastern Entertainment, makers of everything you’d find in an anime con vendor room, have supplied sellers with an incredibly broad selection of Sonic plush, and now they have their sites on the IDW and mid-2000s roster.

GE’s official twitter also teased further Sonic announcements:

While we do not know what selections they will have, GE responded to a fan’s tweet, requesting a selection of characters including Knuckles, Gamma, and Omega from the modern series, Mighty and Ray from Mania (using Archie renders), Tangle and Dr. Starline from the IDW series, and Sally Acorn from the Archie series.

While some of these characters seem very unlikely (I mean, really, Modern Knuckles, in plush form?), Sega merchandising partnerships have embraced Sonic Mania and the IDW cast. Let’s hope that soon we can all embrace Omega, because that’s the real end goal, isn’t it?

Source: GE Entertainment and Sonic Merch News on Twitter
(And thanks to Mr. Needlemouse and Josiahblaze for the news tips!)

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  1. This is protably gonna be the only time in our lifetime when such thing as Mephiles was trending in Twitter. Really bizzare world we’re living…

  2. I wish they were coming to Europe as well, I saw at least 5 of those I need to get and it’s going to cost me a sweet fortune to bring them here, all in shipping and taxes…dear Lord.

  3. Technically, Sally got a plush in Segaworld Sidney, but I’m guessing due to Sega’s involvement in IDW/confusing ownership on Archie.

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