Capcom Announces Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration for Monster Hunter Rise

The Sonic 30th Anniversary collaborations just won’t stop! During today’s Tokyo Game Show broadcast, Capcom announced that it will be partnering with SEGA to develop some special content for its beast-slaying game Monster Hunter Rise.

Capcom is no stranger to working on crossover content for its Monster Hunter franchise, and during its TGS 2021 program even acknowledged its past work with SEGA for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Whereas that previous collaboration involved a Felyne Sonic costume and a guild card based on Green Hill Zone, Capcom said that this new content will be “different”.

The developer mentioned that the team is hard at work to make the Monster Hunter Rise X Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration “as fun as possible,” which doubled as a roundabout way for them to explain that they had no concrete information to show yet as to what the content might look like.

A date wasn’t announced during the livestream, as Capcom said it will “take a bit more time” for things to come together for it. But, SEGA Japan’s Twitter account revealed that the collaboration content will be made available in November. So, not long to wait then.

Capcom also announced a collaboration with its own Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, which will include new quests, visual effects and music from the recently-released Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection game.

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