Will Crush 40 Be Involved With Sonic Movie 2? Johnny Gioeli’s Suggesting You “Stay Tuned”

Last year’s Sonic movie had a lot of success, but one thing it didn’t have was Crush 40. So, with the sequel coming next year, is that going to change? There’s no answer yet, but lead singer of Crush 40, Johnny Gioeli, is telling fans to “stay tuned”.

It is not the first time this topic has come up. In fact, this has been an ongoing thing for around a year now. Fans wanted Crush 40’s music in last year’s Sonic movie, and even Johnny Gioeli himself has expressed interest in the band taking part, but it never happened.

After the sequel was announced, the desire for Crush 40 to be involved only increased. That grew even more as Gioeli suggested that fans let the team making the movie know how much support there is from fans to do this.

So, clearly something has been going on behind the scenes. If it was not going to happen, it’s likely that this would’ve been known by now. Instead, Gioeli suggested that fans “stay tuned”, although it wasn’t stated for what.

It’s possible that it could be for a trailer for the Sonic movie sequel, which could tie into an announcement of the band being involved with the movie itself. Filming of the movie has been done for a few months or so now, and it shouldn’t be long before there’s been enough special effects completed to use in a trailer. But, this is nothing more than speculation. As Gioeli himself stated, the best thing to do is to “stay tuned”.

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  1. My bet is that since the second movie will have Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, that at some point in the movie, whether it be during an action scene or the credits, they will play the Sonic Heroes main theme.

  2. I would love it if Crush 40 were involved somehow, even a simple cameo (where they play some familiar Sonic tune) would be enough for me.

  3. my dream is for their Sonic Boom cover to play during a Super Sonic transformation and then boss battle, that would get me SO hyped !!

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