Surge the Tenrec and Kit the Fennec: IDW’s ‘Imposter Syndrome’ Miniseries’ New Characters Revealed

The names of the mysterious new characters in IDW’s Sonic spinoff ‘Imposter Syndrome’ has been revealed, thanks to the publication of an advance preview magazine showcasing the upcoming miniseries. Say hello to Surge the Tenrec and Kit the Fennec.

Surge and Kit will make their debut in the IDW special as incredibly powerful doppelgängers that will shake things up in Sonic’s world, courtesy of the twisted Dr. Starline. According to the already-release solicitation for the comic, these two feisty combatants will be causing trouble not only for Sonic and Tails, but even Dr. Eggman.

Not an awful lot else is revealed about these two besides their names, but no doubt we will hear more very soon!

Information courtesy of the latest issue of Previewsworld. Thanks to ‘ThatSoni’ on Twitter!

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  1. Looks to me like they’re the result of genetic cloning. From that fur of Tails’ that Dr. Starline obtained, perhaps?

  2. Green fur, sharp teeth, rival of Sonic.
    This is gonna be Scourge and his edgelord stupidity all over again isn’t it.

    1. Its possible but its too early to judge she will be like Scourge imo.

      Her fur color schemes reminded me more of the “Ashura” glitch from Sonic 2 tbh (which some believe may have inspired Anti-Sonic’s Scourge design but that has never been confirmed to my knowledge, his eye and fur color schemes are inverted of Sonic’s).

  3. These guys just make me miss Scourge and Finitivus even more. It really looked like Ian wanted to flesh them out more but didn’t get the chance with the whole Archie situation.

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