JAKKS Pacific Features Eggman Robot and Excited Child in Online Commercial

As online entertainment has taken over my diet, it’s rare to really encounter the style of toy commercials I used to ingest in my youth, but JAKKS Pacific haven’t given up the style even if the medium has shifted.

The Dr. Eggman Robot Battle Set is now available online and in-stores at Target in the US, and it comes with the ever classic kid-playing-in-living-room ad complete with Sonic 2 video clip and BATTLE DAMAGE!!

Source: Sonic Merch News
Thanks to VisionaryofSUPER for the news tip!

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  1. 3 hits to defeat….

    This might be a LONG stretch…but subtle nod to the Sonic Jam Easy Mode difficulty? That’s the same amount of hits to destroy the Death Egg Robot on easy.

      1. I demand my children’s toy to go about five hits longer than it takes for the child to be bored of it.

  2. Really loving Jakks’ latest offerings. They’re getting way better with character diversity, and I never thought we’d see Death Egg Robot figure.

  3. I wish I could love this, but it looks way too shoddy and sacrifices too much for the sake of one gimmick. As standalone figures these aren’t good; the robot looks flimsy because naturally it was designed to fall apart, and Sonic is stuck in one pose so he works with the catapult. The lack of the arm extensions is the big killer for me; some would say that’s too hard to do in a toy but in thise case it’s the sort of thing that, if you can’t do right, you shouldn’t do at all. Plus, the projectile they made it instead looks wimpy.

    Also don’t lynch me but it’s a pretty big assumption that most children these days are all that into the final boss battle of Sonic 2. It’s an old game in a franchise that is still widely beloved but not all that hip with the children, and as Sonic final bosses go it’s way on the lame side.

    1. I mean…if you just pose it and don’t play with it, it hold up fine if that’s what you’re worried about. I like collecting the classic line merch, but kids also like to play with things so this is just a cute idea for them to have as well.

  4. I’m going Jakks makes a Tornado toy like this. Extra points it it comes with an optional rocket upgrade from Wing Fortress Zone!

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