Classic Sonic May Be Here To Stay, According to Interview

Sonic Team figurehead confirms that Sonic’s Classic iteration will “hopefully be a part of the blue blur’s future” in an interview with Retro Gamer Magazine.

Gaming magazine Retro Gamer released a Sonic 30th Anniversary themed issue last July, and in it contains some interesting nuggets of information on the history of Sonic, as well as some hints towards what’s next for the blue blur.

In the interview, Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka stated that after a successful run with Sonic Generations and most recently Sonic Mania, Classic Sonic would hopefully continue to be featured in the future:

“Initially, we thought bringing the classic Sonic into the fold was just going to be a 20th anniversary project, but it was met with such positive responses from fans that we knew we would keep him around,” Iizuka reveals. “In fact, we have released Sonic Mania focused on the ‘classic’ Sonic in 2017. The ‘classic’ Sonic is a popular iteration who will hopefully be a part of the blue blur’s future.”

Whether or not this means unique entries like Sonic Mania, co-starring with Modern Sonic like in Forces, or just cameos in mobile games like Sonic Dash remains to be seen. That said, we do have Sonic Origins on the horizon, which may count. Otherwise, there is currently no news on any original games featuring Classic Sonic as of yet.

via Retro Gamer

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  1. It is still a mystery to me why Sonic is in Smash Ultimate and not Classic Sonic, lmao.

    I’m fine either way but if they make a game, go all the way, no Mania Plus bs, just make a full game from the get-go. And if Classic Sonic is truly here to stay what really is the purpose of forcing 2D sections in 3D games, I’d like to see another 3D game fully embrace 3D for once since 2006.

  2. A new classic game like Mania would be perfect. Mania received widespread praise, even despite its shortcomings concerning originality (level themes). A sequel with more new and unique levels to explore would make a great game.

    Some people argue classic sonic is “overdone” but you could make the same argument for modern. As long as they have their own games and don’t needlessly overlap again like in Forces, we might be on the right track for a brighter future.

    1. You can’t make the same point with modern sonic. That’s how sonic evolved in the 2000’s and it is the main design for sonic.
      When they say classic sonic its overdone they mean how they like to force him in mainline games where he shouldnt be, like forces.

  3. I love Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman in their classic designs. I think artwork of them in their said classic designs can be found in the Sonic The Hedgehog Classic Style Guide which was released in 2014, but is unavailable to the general public worldwide and has only been given out to companies who were to make merchandise for the brand and also contains about 80 pages.

  4. Please stop making classic and modern Sonics interact. Just quietly relegate classic to traditional mute 2D platformers and let modern have the 3D and experimental spinoff type games with more complex plots and cutscenes. They’re both good for certain things, but the novelty of them being together is totally gone now and clearly trying to feature both playstyles in a single game prevents them from refining either.

  5. While I’m glad that Classic Sonic is staying as backbone for the mainline games, adding him though as another gameplay style into the modern game will not work anymore. Mania-styled original titles released alogside modern titles with only original levels would be one way to bring more general audience back to the franchise. It’s just only matter of time when or if Evening Star Studio is intending to develop the sequel.

  6. I expect them to keep Classic Sonic going anyway. why?

    1. It’s the original Sonic and where it all begun – most of the gamers played Sonic on the megadrive and most stopped after that. only the hardcore fans such as myself continued with it. you’ll also find most casual players also stopped after Sonic 3 & knuckles with only a few that actually gave Sonic adventure 1 & 2 a go.

    2. Classic Sonic sells really well –
    Weather its for nostalgia reasons, classic Sonic merch is always a best seller. besides the original designs are more appealing full of charm. Modern Sonic gets tainted by titles like Sonic 06 which is a shame.

    and 3. Classic is more popular overall with not just fans but casual audiences
    Let’s not forget Sonic 1 & 2 are highly acclaimed and usually appear in “best games ever made” articles.

  7. As long as Classic Sonic & co. sticks to their own ‘classic’ stuff (and spin-offs like the mobile games) and doesn’t get shoehorned in the ‘modern’ games like with Forces then I’m fine with it.

  8. As long as Sega makes modern Sonic be actually 3D instead of that half 3D half 2D and make classic Sonic a spin-off series of games and not appear in any of the 3D stuff then I’m fine

  9. No one wants more classic. Especially not a Mania 2 if it doesn’t have Amy playable. Completely pointless.

  10. I and many others have said that Sonic needs to have pillars to the franchise, that is, games to appeal to certain niches and commit to them. Look at Mario and Mega Man for example, those franchises have multiple pillars to them, and in the case of Mega Man, different designs to appeal to different folks. Classic Mega Man appeals to older fans and younger with its over-all simpler game play, generally more family friendly stories, and highly appealing designs for a global audience. Mega Man X, Zero and ZX appeals to those who want more serious tones, complex stories and deeper game play while using a more stylized design. (Though let’s be honest, the best of these three is X, hands down. No one looks like a child when they should be adults.) Then you have Legends which blends the styles of Classic and X while bringing the series to 3D with… mixed results, but still highly beloved. Finally, you have the Battle Network and Star Force franchises which are the RPG arm of the franchise. For a long time, and if Capcom really cares they still can, co-exist perfectly fine, with many people cross pollinating due to it being Mega Man, no matter what form he’s in.

    This same idea, since it worked perfectly fine for the Blue Bomber, will work perfectly fine for Sonic. Having Classic Sonic focus on the 2D stuff, be it sprite or 2.5D, with the tried and true physics of the 16 bit era, will yield dividends for Sonic. Meanwhile, Modern Sonic can focus on doing a proper 3D game, get it right, and/or be experimental. Or, perhaps, try introducing a design of Sonic that will represent the experimental side of the franchise. That way, you know what you’re in for. Classic Sonic=Solid 2D experiences. Modern Sonic=Solid 3D experiences. Hypothetical third Sonic=You never know what will be cooked up but it’ll be unique.

  11. I swore someone said Classic wouldnt be returning after Generations..

    @AlienX – If Classic Sonic were to be put into Smash, then all the retro characters would have to be done in their original styles (ie – Pac-Man, Bowser, Pit etc)

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