The STRAY RATS Sonic The Hedgehog Line Has Been Revealed, and It Is Amazing

Not so long ago we reported on the teaser from boutique clothing brand STRAY RATS about an up-and-coming line that promised to be full of that wonderful 90s aesthetic we Sonic fans love so much. They did not disappoint!

Today, STRAY RATS have revealed the full range via their website – and it is nothing short of fantastic! The line draws upon a style not seen since the early days of Sonic, with many items paying testament to classic titles such as Sonic CD…and even Sonic the Fighters!

Some of you might also recognise the immense Sonic the Hedgehog collection in the backdrop as none-other than that of TreasureHuntingSonic!

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Adam Tuff

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  1. Is it just me, or is anybody else turned off by the really blatant and front and center nature of the Branding. Like it’s cool all the effort they put in to blend it with the designs, and have it fit in. But I always hate when the are logo’s or obvious branding in the stuff I wear. I really do like some of these designs though.

    1. That is part of the clothing line. If you check out their current line, everything incorporates their brand in some way.

      1. I gathered that, I’d assume if they’d do it with a license deal, they’d do it with everything. I’m just not a fan of it, in terms of what I’d want wear.

  2. SSJ22Terrissays, I agree with you mate.
    At least the Drop Dead logo was more subtle in their line where featured.

  3. That Metal Sonic shirt is pretty rad. But that logo is such a bummer.
    Also these shirts are way too expensive. You can literally get your own custom shirt with any Sonic print of your choosing for under $30 just google it.

  4. I won’t be buying anything with that logo on it either. Just the Amy shirt in support of Amy but if it has the logo I’m not wearing it.

    Also other collectors exist besides TreasureHuntingSonic and it would be nice if they didn’t just showcase him. Them and Sega.

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