Sonic’s Got Pants in SEGA Shop NA’s New Summer Line

Well, not pants. Shorts really. But the sentiment remains: Sonic covers up to go sailboarding.

The official North American SEGA online shop’s got a new line of summer accessories for pre-order with a spotlight on classic Sonic and his Hawaiian print shorts, and what may be a sailboard or surfboard depending on context. Included are patterned sunglasses, a tank top, a beach tote, and a water bottle.

For those looking to spice up their summer with a character infamously unable to swim, Sonic Beach Day Collection pre-orders are expected to ship between June 22 and July 9.

Thanks to Bulbasquirtle on Discord for the news tip!

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  1. I just wanted to say that I’m frustrated that despite the name this doesn’t include any new inflatables. There has somehow not been a single inflatable in Sonic’s sizeable product lines in 15+ years.

    1. That’s a tough ask. They’d need to find a solid third party licensee to really justify that kind of thing. Clothing and bags and water bottles are pretty easy, but anything more involved than that requires significant design and manufacturing.

  2. They had an electrical appliance manufactured on a whim because of a meme on a stream just a few people watch. I’m sure they could manage. They have done all sort of things over time- pins, balloons, coins, footwear, food, candles, creams, musical instruments, laser carved glass cubes, and of course all kinds of clothes, stuffed animals, figures, books, cups, bottles and glasses. I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t feel like it’s tough ask everything considered.

    1. The Sega store specifically though? Like, most of the things you’ve mentioned are things done through licensing to third parties in such a way that they’re sold on other storefronts. If a licensed inflatables company came to them… yeah, probably. But Sonic’s not quite as big as a Pokemon (who just released a line of novelty inflatables), and the things would have to actually sell.

  3. “Sonic’s Got Shorts”

    Watch out spagetti limbs, blue arms and green eyes, you got a challenger here. /s

  4. No, I wasn’t referring specifically to the Sega store, but either way considering both what they’ve made to sell on their store (e.g. toaster) and everything that’s gotten licensed in the past I still don’t think it’s a tough ask. Weirder and tougher to make stuff has been made with Sonic’s image on it so I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect something that actually fits quite organically with Sonic’s product lines and target demographic to actually be made at some point. The Pokemon toys I think are actually a re release, the first time around they flew off the shelves and sold out in a matter of days if memory serves. In fact looking at their storefront I think they restocked a few days ago and at least Lapras is already sold out, lol.

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