Sonic Colours Ultimate Gets Amazing Anniversary Special Edition in Japan

We might not have a game that specifically celebrates Sonic’s 30th Anniversary like Sonic Generations or Sonic Adventure 2 before it, but that isn’t stopping SEGA Japan! The company is using the remastered Sonic Colours Ultimate as a vehicle to promote the landmark occasion, with a special edition pack of the game that will make most of us Westerners very jealous!

Called the ‘Sonic Colours Ultimate 30th Anniversary Package’, this delightful set contains a number of special goods that reminds us a little of the Sonic Adventure 2 Special Edition SEGA sold for the Dreamcast back in 2001. In this package, you get yourself a copy of the game, a special collector’s coin, a soundtrack sample CD and an official artbook containing a selection of ‘SONIC PICT’ pieces previously published on SEGA Japan’s Twitter channels.

The set will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game (many Xbox games release digitally-only in Japan, this is likely the case here too – meaning no Xbox variant of this package, sorry guys). It will set you back ¥9,889 (around £65 / $90), and can be pre-ordered now via Amazon Japan’s website (which can also ship to certain international markets).

Check out the official SEGA Japan website for Sonic Colours Ultimate right here.

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    1. relook at the image and reread the article PS4 is there, but the bigger question is what about the XBONE?

  1. As always Japan always get good stuff. When are they going to realize that we want this stuff as well?

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