Sonic Colors Ultimate Reaches For The Stars With E3 Screenshots & More Gameplay

Day 3 of E3 2021 has brought us some more Sonic Colors Ultimate content. There’s a batch of new screenshots, plus another level gets the spotlight in another brand new gameplay video.

The screenshots, unfortunately, don’t contain much content that we didn’t already know. However, we do get to experience a better look at Sweet Mountain, along with Aquarium Park.

There’s also some more screenshots of Tropical Resort, Starlight Carnival, and Planet Wisp. Terminal Velocity, the game’s final area, obviously isn’t receiving any screenshots due to its relevance to the story, but it is the only area left that we haven’t seen in the game via screenshots or gameplay.

This is the second batch of screenshots SEGA has released since Sonic Colors Ultimate had been revealed last month, and so far, they’ve been keeping screenshots to showcase mainly the game’s graphical overhaul, with images of Sonic himself in combat or using Wisps splashed here and there.

Also worth noting is the gameplay video that released with the screenshots. The level this time is Planet Wisp Act 4. Unlike previous gameplay videos, it’s an all-Red Rings run of the level.

The video does reveal a couple of things. One, those collectible medals or coins are placed everywhere in the levels. They’re not rare, like Red Rings. The other thing is the music. This time, the level’s song is the original, and not remixed at all. Everything released can be seen down below.

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  1. The literal colors of this remasters environments are so washed out compared to the original. I hope this is fixed. Looks bland af

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