Famitsu Interview Says Sonic Colors Ultimate Targeting New and Young Fans

We’ve got a game of Twitter Translation Telephone here, so strap in.

Yesterday, Twitter ate through some new Famitsu scans about Tails’ functionality in the upcoming Sonic Colors Ultimate remaster, and today, we got a translated interview with Iizuka and Hoshino.

Okay, we didn’t get the interview translated into English, but let’s turn to another Twitter user to help with that:

As described, Sonic Colors was a rather successful game on its original hardware, but never left the Wii and DS going forward. Recent games from Sonic Mania onward, and the extreme success of the movie, brought plenty of new, younger fans to the franchise, and Colors was seen as a solid continuation for those fans. The Tails recovery system is one example of the features added to assist beginner players.

Sonic Colors was already a solid entry point to the franchise when it released in 2010. The aesthetics are drenched in vibrant whimsy, the story was goofy and lighthearted, and it didn’t require familiarity with the ever expanding cast. It continued Sonic Unleashed’s inclusion of bottomless pit warnings, and it re-imagined underwater movement. With the potential of a less-punitive lives system (we don’t yet know if it is optional or mandatory), Sonic Colors Ultimate seems well positioned to carry on the series’ boost in popularity.

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      1. I don’t care much for the Wisps but people liking Colors shouldn’t be blamed for the aliens being a mainstay.

  1. I hope they realize much of their fan base is nostalgia also….I mean, they gotta know.

    1. Much, but not most. We do need to appreciate that Sonic is a family-gaming franchise, I.E. kids and people who have kids in their life. The movie didn’t do well off of the backs of Sonic fans in their late 20s and 30s.

      1. Can’t disagree with that. I have to make the same distinction when people talk about animated films/series. Animation for children is not the same as it is for families, teens or adults. Sonic is family oriented so it has something for everyone but leans towards a slightly older age group in a similar fashion to Ratchet and Clank or Crash Bandicoot.

  2. Awsome I’m so happy that this game’s getting a proper remaster that’s awsome I grew up on this game immensely so I’m happy to see it get a new release cant wait to see what footage of the levels look like keep me posted on future news of this game it looks absolutely beautiful

  3. Wow that’s awesome soinc colors is such an awsome game was probably my frist actual more modern soinc game that I ever played haven’t played it in a long time ever beaten it either forgot what part of the game I’m on I’d have to check it but here’s hoping soon that I will actually end up finishing the game

  4. SEGA keeps bringing the Wisps back, and now here’s a remaster of the game that introduced them to the world.

    I won’t mind, as I too like this game, so long as this doesn’t give them a reason to keep on keeping bringing them back.

    I’ll be pleased if Wisps are not part of the gameplay in Sonic Rangers. At least that way, SEGA will have a choice to make for the game they make after these two, and hopefully they’ll make the right one.

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