Dreams Come True Announces Vocal Green Hill Zone Single

A special treat to drink tea to.

If you caught the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony, there was a special announcement during the intermission where Masato Nakamura of Dreams Come True announced a new single of the Green Hill Zone theme. This version will feature lyrics and vocals from Miwa Yoshida. No formats, platforms, or date were announced.

However, you may have already heard a bit of this single already if you caught a Japanese tea commercial last month. The version announced today will most likely be a full version of this commercial’s jingle. So grab a green tea, and keep an ear out for when the full song drops!


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    1. I believe we covered this in a previous story about Nakamura’s use of the GHZ music, but this is not the same. “Marry Me” is not a ‘GHZ song’, it’s a different song that uses samples of GHZ in order to produce a different melody, feeling, message. This particular project that Nakamura is talking about here aims to be an actual song celebrating Green Hill Zone. In that sense, it is closer to Sweet Sweet Sweet (a song that definitely uses Sonic 2’s ending music in its entirety as the basis of a song) than ‘Marry Me’ was.

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