Yes, You Can Collect Gold Medals & Tails’ Head In Sonic Colors Ultimate

The more Sonic Colors Ultimate information that comes out, the more it becomes clear that this is not just a mere port. And now, an artist for the game has revealed that it has gold medals and Tails heads.

The source is Brian Connelly, who worked on the game as a Tech Art Generalist. According to Connelly, “writing shaders and making VFX were primarily my tasks on the project. I primarily worked on the shaders throughout Aquarium Park and assisted the team with any shader functionality support they may need”.

On Connelly’s site, you can find multiple .gifs of the game, as he showcases the various things he did for the project. The .gifs not only showcase his work on the game’s shaders, but also shows off the new Tails heads and gold medals, as well as new VFX for Metal Sonic and a torpedo enemy. You can check them all out in the gallery below:

Both the Tails heads and gold medals seem to be items you can pick up, but it isn’t known what, exactly, they do. The medals are apparently collectables, but it isn’t known if they even unlock anything.

The game’s world maps, however, do give you a counter that lets you know how many you’ve collected. There isn’t a limit to them, and they don’t replace the Red Rings. But, again, it isn’t known what you do with them.

Stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for future info!

Via Brian Connelly’s ArtStation Portfolio

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  1. Maybe collecting all of the Tails Heads will unlock Tails as a playable character… Maybe…
    I don’t know. But I WANT Tails as a playable character in this port.

    1. We all do pal.
      We ALL do.
      (Tails has been done Dirty for YEARS!!! Especially since 2010’s ORIGINAL Sonic Colors.)
      So making him playable in the game could easily make it better.

  2. Unless Tails is playable, just another port (with a wasted “Ultimate” title).

    Therefore, no sale!

    1. “Ultimate” also means the final one. Thus, it could be the final Sonic Colors! Thus, we should start calling the original version “Sonic Colors Penultimate.”

    1. It wasn’t mentioned in the trailer, but in a press release that Metal would be a enemy you would be able to race against in a new “Rival Rush” mode.

  3. Seems like this idea is shoe-horned in to justify the new Jade wisp instead of making actual new levels/areas dedicated to that wisp. I don’t think the reward for getting all these medals and Tails Heads will be anything substantial, maybe a Tails costume at best… colour me surprised if Tails does become a playable character but he won’t function as anything more than a cosmetic feature.

  4. Maybe tails is dead and its like Simons quest rebuilding his bones to bring him back

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