Vector the Crocodile Takes the Case in Sonic Dash 2

Well… this was unexpected! After a long, long while without any sort of meaningful update, Sonic Dash 2, also known as Sonic Boom Mobile, has gotten a major addition to it’s roster: Vector the Crocodile!

Earlier today, seemingly out of the blue (er, green?) SEGA Hardlight announced that Bygone Island’s top detective Vector the Crocodile would be unlockable in the oft overlooked sequel to Sonic Dash, Sonic Dash 2, complete with leather jacket in tow.

In order to unlock the famous investi-gator, you need to use the “Vector Projector” ability against 2,500 badniks during regular play. For reference on how he plays, YouTuber SonicWindBlue was lighting quick to upload some gameplay for us to enjoy:

What are your thoughts on this development? Didn’t think we’d see an update quite like this for Sonic Dash 2! Let us know what you think in the comments!

via Twitter

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  1. It is the 30th anniversary of the franchise. They probably want all four versions of Sonic (Classic, Modern, Boom and Movie) to be represented in some form.

  2. According to Sega’s CEO, Boom isn’t dead, so I guess they didn’t mind updating the game.

    I’m gonna be cautious about what this means since since it can be intercepted in a lot of ways. I don’t think this necessarily means we get a revival/season 3 of the show, but we may get things like this or heck, even an appearance of the Boom characters in Prime (if the multiverse theme is going the “visit previous TV series” way).

    Still, I’m just surprised Sega is allowing Hardlight to acknowledge Sonic Boom (and the fact that Boom is acknowledged at all nowadays, especially considering Prime is on the horizon).

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