This Zoetrope Sonic Cake is Way Past Cool!

There have been many famous and infamous Sonic cakes seen on the internet over the years. Some “Special”, some traumatizing, and some… different. But this zoetrope cake made for a 2-year-old’s birthday really takes the…. y’know.

This cake comes to us from Marvelous Media Engine. An animator who seems to specialize in CGI and zoetrope animation. What’s zoetrope you may ask? It’s a style of animation that’s been around since the early 1800’s – you basically have a set number of images spaced out on a type of spindle. You change the movement slightly on each image. When done right, you can spin it and the image appears to move.

In this case, the animator put several Sonic and Tails molds around the cake. Each mold having a slight change.

Check out his Catbus for more of this animator’s incredible work.

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