Tails Might Be Playable in Sonic Colors Ultimate

Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to know about Sonic Colors Ultimate, something like this shows up! Sonic’s right-hand man Tails has been spotted in some screenshots of the remastered port of Sonic Colors… sorta.

Japanese game magazine Famitsu released some screenshots of Sonic Colors Ultimate in an online article, and one curious detail we noticed is that Tails’ logo is hiding in the top-left corner where Sonic’s life icon usually is!

Now… does this mean that Tails will be an unlockable character for the game? It’s very possible at this point. But what’s interesting about these screenshots is that none of them feature Tails himself, but the Wisp transformations. While it’d be nice to have that non-negotiable footage of the two-tailed fox on screen, it’s hard to imagine what else that icon could possibly mean.

Stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium as we find out more!

via Famitsu

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  1. Maybe they’re trying to implement the Boost gimmick onto other characters’ styles of play, like Tails’ ability to fly, as a test.


    But he should have some new stages just for him as well, I’d rather not have him just feel like a skin. His ability to fly may render green floating wisp as pointless in some (not including the light dash moments).

    We’ll see.

  3. I hope this is the case!

    Tails fanboy here but if he is an unlockable/playable character Sega have my money!

  4. It seems this may actually just be an icon customization item. It may be corroborated by the digital version details which mention a “Player Icon Pack”. Further, this image seems to solidify that theory:


    P.S.: I initially posted this comment on the new Sonic game teaser article. Apologies to the moderation.

  5. Heads up: The Laser Wisp image actually has Sonic in it at the end of the trail if you look closely. Another screenshot that isn’t featured on this page also has Sonic clear and centered on screen as the player character.

  6. I think it’d be pretty cool if Tails really does get added as a playable character in the game. Like if there’s an option to switch between Sonic and Tails on the world map, or if there’s a separate mode called “Tails Mode”.

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