Sonic Prime Producers Share First Glimpse of Eggman Artwork

The producers of Netflix animated series ‘Sonic Prime’ made an appearance at SEGA’s Sonic Central livestream today, and shared a few sneak details about the upcoming show – along with a piece of art that will no doubt whet the appetites of any Eggman fans out there.

Joe Kelly from the animation studio ‘Man of Action’ took to the digital stage to announce how excited he and his team was to be working on the Sonic franchise, adding that they are “working really hard to bring fans something that they’ve never seen before in the Sonic series.”

We know that Sonic will be trying to fix the universe, according to the short synopsis released with the announcement of the show back in February, but we now know that this will be set against the backdrop of a new and mysterious world called the ‘Shatter-verse’. Sonic will be trying to save the entire universe through this 24 episode series, “experienc[ing] moments of self-discovery and redemption” along the way.

Finally, Kelly shared a small piece of artwork from the show in the background – it appears to be a logo for Eggman’s latest mechanical venture. We rather like the style of the glasses in particular.

Sonic Prime is set for a premiere worldwide in 2022. We’ll keep you in the loop for more as it happens.

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  1. This was one of the letdowns in the presentation imo. Was hoping for a tease little bigger then Eggman’s logo, but I get over it, there is still plenty of time for major details later.

    Judging by the name Shatter-verse, I guess mirrors or glass will be somehow be a key theme in the show.

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