RUMOR: The Mystery 3D Sonic Game May Be An Open-World Title

Ever since it got revealed at the end of the Sonic Central broadcast, the mysterious 3D Sonic title has made a lot of people curious. And now a rumor involving a user’s account of the game is also getting people excited.

Before we get to that, let me provide a little context. It has been discovered by dataminers that the mysterious 3D Sonic title is apparently called Sonic Rangers, or at least its code name is called that, and that Marza animated the teaser trailer.

Not long after that, it had been discovered that a person had posted an account of a demo they played of the game. Now, at first glance, this may come across as your average untrustworthy rumor. But you may be surprised to learn that they mentioned the Sonic Rangers name in January, and they even managed to accurately describe things that had been teased in the trailer, including the “spincycle” ability and “cyberspace” hints.

This same post mentions that the game is an open-world title that is “populated with small enemies, puzzles and platforming challenges”. Dealing with those obstacles “rewards EXP which can be redeemed in a skill tree”. The skill tree unlocks abilities, such as the “spincycle” one previously mentioned.

The main goal is to defeat bosses spread throughout the open world. You get orbs for defeating them, and enough orbs enable you to enter “cyberspace” to play Generations-style levels that, when completed, gets you a Chaos Emerald. Collecting all the emeralds will be necessary if you want to complete the game’s story.

Obviously, this is a rumor, so take these with a grain of salt. But the post and reveal trailer have been surprisingly in-sync so far, despite the former appearing in January. Time ill tell if the rumor is true, but if it is, then this is quite a Sonic game that could be on the way.

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  1. Judging by what he said about the game back in January, the focus testers might have influenced a decision among Sonic Team to postpone the game until 2022 to address a lot of the issues he mentioned.

    1. Damn, Sega was actually convinced to delay something? That focus tester must have been a god.

  2. Breath of the Wild meets Sonic? Sign me up, that’s an amazing idea! I’ve been wanting something like that from the days of 06 and Unleashed (and especially after the open world fangames came out)! Hopefully they can iron those kinks out, but the premise alone sounds like it’s worth getting this for.

  3. P.S. The sound of the overworld having puzzles out in the open feels more like The Pathless to me than BotW, but if you beat those bosses in any order, then I suppose BotW is still a valid comparison.

  4. Seems like the game, if rumored info is true, is having RPG elements as well as taking a little inspiration from SA1 and Sonic ’06, sounds intriguing.
    Still, taking this with a lot of grain of salt until we see some gameplay in action.

  5. Additionally, regarding the name, while it has yet to be confirmed official by Sega, it seems likely “Sonic Rangers” is real if a press release Eurogamer got from the company is to be believed.

    Btw, many may have thought of “Power Rangers” jokes due to the name, but am I the only one who first thought of Sega’s firefighter-themed game Burning Rangers?

    1. I’m not sure what region you’re in, but the only Sega firefighter game I can think of is FAHRENHEIT for the 32X CD. It may very well have been called “Burning Rangers” in your locale though.

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