IDW’s Got Another Big Sonic Announcement Coming in Early June

News is great, ain’t it? We‘ve got a lot of that today. As the headline says: IDW has something “big” to reveal early next month. The reveal came via a tweet, in response to Sonic trending in the aftermath of the announcement of Thursday’s Sonic Central event.

Given the company already regularly does Sonic mini series, Sonic annuals, and has already revealed their upcoming Free Comic Book Day and Sonic 30th Anniversary issues…something “big” would probably need to be something beyond all that.

Given how scant the news is, I’ll venture to speculate…that something “big” would likely be a new monthly series, or a new mini series/limited series that goes beyond the scope of the previous mini series. I hesitate to speculate much further than that, lest I get people’s hopes up, but I would personally love to see them revisit previous Sonic comic continuities, though I certainly wouldn’t bet on this.

Early June is less than a week away, so we’ll know soon enough. 

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  1. ” I would personally love to see them revisit previous Sonic comic continuities, though I certainly wouldn’t bet on this.”

    Agreed. As much as I, for one, would like to see Sonic the Comic again its better to let it and the previous comic series rest, but hey thats just my opinion.

  2. If it’s a new monthly series, then I’ve got two ideas on what it might be. It’s either going to be a series that’s a kin to Archie’s Sonic Universe comics or a tie-in series for the new Sonic Prime cartoon.

  3. My guess is IF Sega announces a new game at Sonic Central, this IDW announcement will be a prequel comic for it.

  4. My guess is that it’s either a character from Archie Comics returning to the series, or a crossover with another franchise that IDW is working on.

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