Artist Creates Sonic the Hedgehog “Artwork Countdown” For 30th Anniversary

Since June last year, artist and animator Keith Stack has been creating a unique piece of Sonic the Hedgehog fan art each day and posting them via Twitter, in order to count down to the 30th anniversary.

Stack’s pieces range from hillarious parodies to clever commentaries on current events, as well as some wonderful tributes to an incredible cross-section of references to obscure corers of the Sonic series and beyond (we particularly love the very “Bri’ish” take on Sonic the Comic!).

Check out some of our favourites below!

You can view the rest of Stack’s artwork on his Twitter account.


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Adam Tuff

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  1. My favorite would have to be the one with the Sonic Christmas photo. He lays down on the ground with Bean the Polar Bear’s fur with wine while Tails looks out freezing. First, it symbolizes his maturity, he can dominate his rivals – Sonic rarely considers anyone an enemy – and can drink alcoholic substance without getting into a drunken stupor. But his smirk also highlights that he takes pride in his successes and as shown with Tails going outside freezing, can be a little selfish too as he likes to hog the spotlight. Also nice Sonic The Fighters reference with Bean.

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