SEGA HARDlight Reassures Fans That Sonic Forces Mobile is Not Shutting Down

SEGA’s Sonic Mobile game developer, HARDlight, has moved quickly to dampen fears that Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is getting cancelled, reassuring fans that there is a whole heap of content and support coming over the next year and beyond.

The developer was responding to an unofficial fan-made survey that asked players for their feedback on the current state of the game. In it, the authors of the Google Form stated that they were worried that HARDlight would lose interest in supporting the game and eventually kill it, because of a number of balancing issues that had been reported but have so far not been fixed.

Community Manager ‘Nollie’ shared the good news on HARDlight’s Discord server today (shared on Twitter by SEGA HARDlight Brand Ambassador SonicWindBlue), addressing both the community survey and clearly stating that the game is still in active development.

“I want to reassure the community that there are absolutely no plans to stop supporting Sonic Forces Mobile,” reads the statement. “We have many exciting changes, updates and additions planned for this coming year and beyond! So please don’t worry for the future of the game – we’re not going anywhere.”

Quite frankly, we’re relieved – we rather quite like the odd runabout on Sonic Forces on our phones, so we want to see this game going for as long as it can. Make sure to keep that app installed and support the game as much as you can!

Via SonicWindBlue, Twitter.

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