Jakks Mecha Sonic, Giant Eggman Robot and Sonic Diorama Set Revealed for May 2021 [U]

A new slate of retailer listings have uncovered the next set of Sonic the Hedgehog action figures from Jakks Pacific. Among the twenty products on display on the ToyWiz website, toys are planned for Mecha Sonic, Giant Eggman Robot and Silver, along with a 2.5inch Sonic Diorama Set.

Update: 18 Jan 2021: Images have now surfaced of the Eggman Robot and the 2.5 inch Diorama set, we’ve included these below. The original story continues underneath these images.

None of the listings have any descriptions or images, so it’s difficult to go on anything besides the product titles for each of these. However, it does highlight a ramp-up of merchandise that will be available to buy in time for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary in June. Many of the items will release in May 2021, while a few others are slated for an August launch.

Full list of products revealed below, along with links.

Thanks for the tip, ‘Bulbasquirtle’!

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  1. YES!!!!! AMY WITH HER HAMMER!!!!!!! I got some of the bendy figures last year and I’m gonna be honest, they were waaaay better quality than the Jazwares figures I had as a kid. My Jazwares Tails’ tails (heh) broke off within the first hour of me having it, and the rest of the figures I had didn’t hold up very well so I’m glad Jakks is making really accurate and sturdy figures for the young Sonic fans of today. I’m gonna have to pick up some of the articulated figures now since my fave (Amy) is finally getting one. Now, if only they would make Cream…

  2. My favourite Sonic figures are the Sonic Boom8 series (nothing to do with the TV show, it’s the “real” SONIC) by GNF Toyz : it’s the Sonic collection every Sonic fan has been dreaming of for decades and it’s so great to collect them!!… They are not very expensive, wonderfully sculpted and the “modern” part of the series will start soon with Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Silver, Metal Sonic, Tails, Super Sonic and Blaze!!…

  3. Woah… I’d actually love to have some of this stuff to display on my shelves!!

    New Mighty and Robotnik figures, some props like the Goal Post and Monitor… a Death Egg Robot… you could practically make your own diorama with these. I really like the new stuff Jakks has been putting out lately.

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