A 3D Sonic Animated Series Is Coming To Netflix In 2022!

It had been rumored for a little while, but now it’s official. Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a 3D animated series on Netflix, and you’ll be able to see it when it premieres in 2022.

Not much is known about the show. The only information given was in a tweet, and the tweet has since been deleted. The tweet, which has been screencapped, did say that WildBrain and Man of Action are making the show.

Man of Action is a United States-based writing collective that specializes in children’s media. Their resume includes shows such as Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Mega Man Fully Charged.

Wildbrain is a Canadian media company. They animated Mega Man Fully Charged, and are the owners of DiC Entertainment’s library. Yes, the DiC Entertainment behind SatAM, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Underground.

DiC Entertainment no longer exists, but the people that own their library will be continuing their legacy. We’ll probably hear more about the show soon, but to see the Blue Blur coming to Netflix the same year that the Sonic movie sequel is premiering means that 2022 is going to be a very busy year for Sonic!

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  1. If I had to guess, I’d say the show was probably green lit not long after the movie succeeded. It’s pretty common to try to debut TV shows around the same time as movies, probably to build the brand more.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the SXSW announcements.

    Man of Action’s involvement gives me mixed feelings…I would have preferred Ian Flynn finally being given the reigns of a Sonic show. He’s more than proven himself. Here’s hoping he’ll be involved somehow.

    1. Ian Flynn? Are you serious? He’s the one responsible for the Freedom Fighters demise. WildBrain owns Satam. So, I have faith that we might see the Freedom Fighters again.

      1. No, he isn’t. Ian Flynn kept them going for over ten years and wrote some of their best stories. He had absolutely nothing to do with their demise. It was the end of the Archie run that did that.

        Flynn has said numerous times that he’d LIKE to bring them back, but he can’t. Don’t believe every baseless, crackpot theory you hear on the internet. If Ian truly wanted them gone, he could’ve done it long before IDW.

        1. Archie comics had to cease publishing after a joint demand was presented by Flynn and then other artists/writers joined in as well. Their main complaint was that, in loose terms, they weren’t given fair treatment by their employer…

          This brought to light Archie’s hiring practices, which were not illegal, but were quite pressuring. Essentially hardly any of the people who worked on the comics, be it Sonic or Mega Man, were on the Archie payroll, instead they worked as freelance. The judge ruled in favour of the plaintiffs.

          In Archie’s defense, their contracts stated it clearly before initiating a working relationship and thus entering to work at Archie was the worker’s responsibility. Either way, Archie had to relinquish and cease utilization of all the characters and concepts that were created by their previous writers and artists after the suit and tried to carry on. This is approximately around the Genesis arc, where the only IP’s they could use for their stories were SEGA’s own (Mega Man never had a chance). In the end SEGA ceased their partnership with Archie after more than 20 years of publications, cutting them off completely, in favour of a fresh start with IDW.

          IMHO if you’re going to keep talented people for a long time you might as well hire them fully.

        2. My bad. I mixed up some of the events with another lawsuit.
          Ken Penders started it all because he didn’t like the way Ian Flynn was tampering with characters and stories he established.
          Lawsuit presented and judge ruled in his favour.

          Penders started it all and brought it all down. Flynn was cool.

    2. That’s Great because i been wanting yall to put the holl group on that show and my favorite character SLIVER✌💓😝 BUT it may be a long time but i love sonic and friend’s since i was 4-11 and about to turn 12 in 2 months!?! And 13 in 2022!!!! Yall the BEST

  2. I found out about this through a Tumblr post my friend had sent to me while I was in the shower, she knew before me lmao

    Anyways YES!!!!!!!!!!! This is exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to love Ben 10 as a kid and I loved how balanced the action and comedy were, so I’m glad they’re handling it this time around. I did like Sonic Boom, but it was obvious at some point they kinda gave up on the writing and they just started to see who could make the most Twitterable one liners as a supplement for actual content. My hope with this show is that it’s like Sonic X but with the human Chris shit cut out. I’m looking forward to this!!! Got huge expectations for this one.

  3. Dont know how to feel about this since we did get the excellent Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 movie this year.

    Cause Man of Action did okay with Megaman Fully Charged and I hope this will NOT end up with a change of voice actors for the games, but we shall see (course that might not happen).

    Still, I am at least excited for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 2 coming out in 2 years, so theres a plus.

  4. There goes my hope for a new Sonic anime that covers the games as well as add original arcs a la Sonic X.

    Man of Action gives me hope, I just hope it’s not: 1. mindless fanservice 2. pointless redesigns 3. personality warping. Just give us cool stubborn Knuckles dammit, don’t make Amy shy about liking Sonic. Don’t make Tails a genius stereotype that can overshadow Eggman’s abilities.
    But most importantly don’t make Sonic a bona fide jerk.

    Ben 10 Alien Force is their best work imo… until they ran it to the ground and mutilated it into Omniverse.

    Seeing as it is Netflix, I hope they go with the Saturday morning action cartoon style, and not a forgettable kids show cash-grab.

    However… if they get Ryan or Jason back then they can go ahead and do whatever, I’ll watch it either way!

    1. Completely agreed with you, personally I feel like all Sonic characters feel like stereotypes since 2010 (IDW comics and movie not counting).

      I also feel the same about them bringing Ryan or Jason back, Roger is a great VA but I don’t think he fits Sonic that well, Sonic should sound younger, more enthusiastic and less like a “surfer dude”.

  5. I don’t know about this one to be fair. The prospect is nice, I grew up with Ben 10 from the original series to Omniverse as well as Generator Rex and loved both shows. I’m mildly curious as to who they’ve chosen to animate the show though as a large amount of appeal for the characters comes from the dynamic posing and near constant pace or movement in any given scene, so not just any style will cut it. As with anything Sonic though, I’ll remain optimistic, with this year almost over and all being quiet on the home front, it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of this franchise of anything at all in the foreseeable future.

  6. Hope for the best for this new series. Megaman Fully Charged was very limited on the budget for locations, assets, and CGI. If it’s anything above Sonic Boom, it should be decent.

  7. 3D again huh, I wait to see a full trailer to judge for myself but honestly I would have prefered 2D animation similar to the shorts. Well that, and this not being on Netflix. >_>’

  8. Hopefully its not too comedic and is more action focused with epic overarching arcs. I would love to see something like the IDW comics in terms of tone, scope and characterizations.

  9. I bet the new series will contain characters and concepts from the games, AoStH, SatAM, Sonic the Comic, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, the Archie Comics (specifically the Post-Super Genesis Wave Reality), Sonic Boom, the IDW comics and the movie.

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