Sonic Unleashed Runs Smoother than Ever on New Xbox Series X

Sonic Unleashed is one of the more ‘divisive’ entries in the series, but one thing about it that’s hardly contested is it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 and PS3 were not ready to handle the intensity of the Hedgehog Engine and certain levels like Jungle Joyride looked less like a video game and more like a slideshow.

Not anymore, with the new Xbox Series X, players can finally experience the graphical treat that is Sonic Unleashed at it’s highest caliber without so much as a stutter! If you have the digital version of the game in your library (it’s only $15 now), all you need is the latest Xbox console to make the magic happen. After 12 years, we can now play Sonic Unleashed as we truly imagined it!

Now if only we could get an official port to PC…

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  1. Sega really needs to port Sonic Unleashed on PS4. I grew up with a Wii and the DS so I never experienced Unleashed on the PS3. I’d instantly buy it.

  2. One of the “more” divisive games?
    Nobody really hates unleashed. Colors and Lost World and Forces are far more divisive. Lol

    1. A decade later, it’s easy to forget just how controversial Unleashed was, given that 2/3 of the game was devoted to Werehog beat’em’up stages, which were general poorly received. Now though, after years of selective memory, fans mainly associate Unleashed for the fun Daytime stages (much like how we tend to forget about the awkwardness of the Adventure games and focus on the Sonic and Shadow levels).

      The fact that fans are up in arms about recent games is more of a result of not having much else to talk about. I don’t know about you, but on the whole I wouldn’t describe them as “bad,” just mediocre. As more Sonic games are released, I doubt many will be talking about them as much, they will mostly be forgotten.

  3. The graphics & the frame rate of Sonic Unleashed on Xbox Series X are marvelously clean supported makes it way better than any games to be honest though.

  4. I experienced it on the X360 and there was no lag for me, so idk why they mentioned it on the clip as if there was lag, maybe on the PS3.

  5. there’s also the new Auto HDR xbox functionality that can make the game look even more beautifull.

    I have a xbox series x and want to replay this game, but I’m gonna wait until I buy a 4k HDR monitor or TV first for the best possible experience 🙂

  6. So the only GOOD version of Sonic Unleashed is on an Xbox console.

    Is SEGA sure they can’t port this game over to the Switch (and not that watered-down Wii version!)?

  7. I grew up playing Sonic Unleashed so seeing it on the Series X/S is really awesome and running smoothly that be even better

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