Sonic Gets a Brief Reference in the Ready Player Two Novel

A few years ago, Sonic popped up in the movie adaptation of Ernest Cline’s pop culture-laden novel, Ready Player One. The book’s sequel, Ready Player Two, came out recently, and people on Twitter have spent much of the previous few days posting excerpts from it and absolutely tearing it apart.

Cline’s Ready Player novels are known for focusing largely on surface-level pop culture references from the eighties and nineties, so of course a certain blue hedgehog had a good shot of popping up in the sequel novel.

And he has. Amongst the excerpts posted is a paragraph-long reference to Sonic, posted by Twitter user Jacob Mercy. Take a look:

If nothing else….I at least appreciate Mobius Prime being name-dropped. 

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      1. Obviously not the word Mobius itself but as SonnyTheHedgehog said, he does claim to own the Mobius Prime idea (even though it was just a knock-off of the DC multiverse).

  1. I hope they make a movie out of this book too just to see Mobius Prime come to life! A live-action recreation of stages from the Adventure and Genesis games sounds just too awesome!

  2. There’s apparently a reference to Sonic.exe in there as well. Have you posted about that too?

    1. There really is a Sonic.exe reference in the book? Ugh, as someone who dislikes the creppypasta genre, I sure hope it doesn’t get referenced in the film adaptation.

  3. Just ordered the book. The first book is really good. Movie ain’t too bad either (the visuals were insane).

  4. That sucks. I feel bad for all the poor fictional characters that are unwillingly associated with this lexical garbage dump.

  5. I just said lawsuit, but that he’d win. 😂 He does claim to own Mobius Prime, even though it was just a knock-off of DC Comics. He also claims to own Mobius as future Earth, even though that was planned for SatAM and was in the Sonic OVA. Honestly, it’s surprising his lawsuit was as successful as it was. Copyrights are busted. Lol

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